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Homeschool Crew Review of TRAVEL KITS

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My Review:

Suitcases packed? Check. Car loaded? Check. Smiles are in place as you pull of out the driveway? Check. As you get on the highway, excitement abounds and someone hollers ROAD TRIP! Smiles stretch even wider. The exuberance and excitement just slightly begin to wane about 20 miles down the road as you hear for the first time, “How long before we get there?”

Have no fear, Travel Kits are here! Donna Rees’ e-book entitled Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others is packed full of delightful ideas of how to bless your children and family with a travel kit assembled especially for them with love. Donna covers details from theme ideas for kits, what to include, where to purchase items, how to wrap them, distribute them, and the list goes on.

My daughter is going to be starting high school this fall, and this e-book brought back memories of when I used to make homemade activity sheets to occupy her time as we were on the road. I created car bingo where she marked off road signs as she spotted them, I drew maps for her to mark off our route as we traveled -- ending with a big star at the end when we arrived at our destination. I even printed a copy of the United States so that she could color the states as we traveled through them and tally the number of license plates we saw from each state. She loved it! She still has fond memories of those times. Travel kits take this idea a step further.

But do not be disillusioned that this book is only for making "travel kits" for the extremely young. Oh contraire! Travel Kits are for anyone of any age. Even Mom and Dad can be included, and should be. Their only treat shouldn’t just be the quiet as the kids are involved with their own treasures.

The author suggests books to be included as well. Books could be used while in route or during some relax time at the destination location. And what homeschooler doesn’t love books? If your budget allows, you may purchase books, but she also suggests using library books to keep the budget down. I can see how the library book idea could possibly be problematic, especially if you’re making the kit for a family other than your own. That’s one extra thing they have to worry about – keeping track of the book on their trip and returning it to you or the library. If the children are really young, they might not understand that they have to give the book back. But if you can make borrowing them from the library work for you or afford to purchase them, books are a fabulous idea for those of you who don’t get car sick. And if there’s at least one in the car that doesn’t get motion sickness, it’d be a great time for a read-aloud.

You can also use this idea for blessing others if they’re heading to camp, college, or a mission trip. Just adjust what you put in the kit, basket, box, or bag to be age appropriate, meet their preferences, and what they can use on their particular adventure. You can use Donna’s exact ideas or tweak them to fit your specifc needs. Or even come up with your own ideas – but this publication is a great place to start your new ministry of Travel Kits, Blessing Baskets -- whatever you want to call them. Frankly, I can even see these creations making wonderful birthday or hostess gifts. Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving several small, individually- wrapped gifts in a container that is a gift in itself – no matter the occasion?

This book can be used in two different ways. When my family used this publication, it was read through from front to back. In doing so, I recognized some information is repeated. However, once you’ve read it and later want a few fresh ideas, while a bit repetitive, having the information shared in the way it is, makes it a handy reference guide as well – providing information in different places applicable to those chapters.

My daughter and I are going to have fun creating a travel kit for our next get-away. I’m always going to love field trips, and a full-fledged road trip is even better. And I don’t know about you, but the shopping and the assembly is going to be half the fun. My daughter and I are already planning our first travel kit to bless someone.

So whether you’re looking for a way to treat others who are planning a trip, trying to keep your own children from the abyss of boredom on the road, or wanting to gift someone who has a special event in their life -- Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others will get you started on a wonderful ministry, not only for your family, but for others as well.

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Ruth said...

Susie, i just drop by to say hi! Love the new page layout and them..:)


~~~Susan Hollaway said...

Thanks, Ruth! It's good to hear from you again.

Patti Lacy said...

sounds like a good antidote to boredom!

~~~Susan Hollaway said...

Hi, Patti! Yep! For an adult only Travel Kit, nice lotion, a gift card, stamps for post cards, a great book, suncreen ... anything really. I thought the idea was cute and it can really be customized to fit the person you're trying to bless. And who says they have to be for travel -- you could make one for a friend that is a Home Spa Kit, for when she has a day to herself. The ideas are endless!